Monday, July 23, 2007

What is Wrong with This Picture?

Check out the photo below.  There is something wrong, and I just can't put my finger on it.............

Oh my gosh!!  There is a munsterlander puppy (Doc) nursing on a Dutch Shepherd!!! yikes!  My Dutch Shepherd bitch, Roya, is wonderful with puppies and is due to whelp on Wednesday.  I expected she would teach the puppies that "no means no", but nicely, as she is wonderful with pups. Maybe just a little TOO wonderful!  I was surprised to see that, when his little eyes glowed at the sight of milk filled tits, that she just stood there instood of shooeing him away.   Tom said dutch shepherd milk will make them aggressive, and to stop it!

Some little hormonal trigger must have been tripped, as prior to this she DID say "no".  This is Doc, being a brat, but learning that adults make rules.

Here is Roya and Diablo, out for a walk around the property, and sitting for treats (Roya said her back aches, and she'll just lay down, thank you very much!)

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