Sunday, July 22, 2007


Dark is now officially DUKE VOM FOXTAL and he went home with his new family this past week. 

Before he left, he received his new tattoo in his right ear, and I confirmed his microchip with our scanner.  Duke was going to go on a camping trip with his family this past weekend, so I will anxiously wait to hear how things went!  Camping with a new puppy is the mark of an adventuresome family!

People ask if I am sad to see the Pupsters go, or if I want to keep them all.  The answer is "no" to the first and a resounding "no" to the second!  If we have done our homework and found the right home for each of the pups then there should be no sadness in seeing them leave, because we know that they are embarking on the life they were bred for: to be a companion and hunting partner for someone else.  It is our hope that each will be an ambassador for the breed and for our breeding program.

The resounding "no" part is because it is an incredibly big job raising puppies.  It isn't something you can "fit in" around the rest of your day, but requires planning for the things they need to experience, for their travel and their development.  By the time they are leaving for their new homes, I am ready to put my feet up for a little while and enjoy hearing the stories someone else has to tell about them!

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