Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Enough sense to come in out of the rain

I guess this just proves it-- the pups don't have the sense to come in out of the rain!  Or, it could be that all that gunfire and pans clanging has caused them to disregard a little thunder and rain!  We had a nice little downpour this morning and when I looked out to see how they were doing, they were busy wrestling and running and were not in the least bothered by the weather conditions!  I wouldn't have thought the rain would be a problem, as they are in and out of their pool and usually wet! Tom said earlier, when it was raining hard they were sound asleep under the playhouse.

I loaded some of the photos with their visitors the other day.  The little boy thought the pups were cute, but tractors and fireman helmets (from my Search and Rescue gear) are MUCH more fun!

Every day I take a couple pups with me to the service station in town, when I pick up my morning paper.  Today Doc and D'jango were the lucky ones.  This was the first day that the pups rode in separate crates instead of on the buddy system.  That made it much easier for me to access one pup at a time without his friend trying to bail out at the same time.  You can see them below, being very patient.  If you notice the multitude of collars in between the crates, hanging on a carabineer, which Tom lovingly refers to as my "redneck wind chimes", the pups also get to listen to them jingle, adding yet one more environmental oddity.

This is Ron and Vickie, the owners of the service station.  I knock on the window and ask "who wants to see the cutest puppies in the world?" and guess what? People come out and visit us.  As you can see, Ron and Vickie are dog lovers.

This is Doc with a woman who agreed to hold him while I took a picture.

  This was the first experience with a collar and leash for Doc and D'jango, and other than a minor bucking bronco episode, they were quite cooperative.  I gave the lady some treats (small pieces of Natural Balance) and instructed her on our lessons on "sitting".

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful.  On Tuesdays I do maintenance with some local police dogs and so they also get to play with the officers.  Danica found that she could crawl under the fence if she squiggled just right (since corrected) because she soooo wanted to join in all the fun!  I had to tell her that she is probably not destined to be a police dog, but my training partner, Sue, is constantly eyeing up the pups as detector dog prospects! 

Tomorrow will be a full day for the Pupsters!

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