Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Road Trip!

The house is quiet.  All the pups are sleeping in their crates.  They were fed, pottied and are taking a nice snooze in front of the fan.  They are getting quite good about settling down in the crates, which means I may survive this next adventure without significant hearing loss! 

Earlier in the morning we are leaving for a visit at my parents' home, about 4 1/2 hours north of here in Douglas County, Wisconsin.  Okay, maybe 5 hours if someone else is driving!  My father's twin brother died recently, as well as an aunt on my mother's side, and another aunt this past year.  None of us are getting younger and the only surviving brother and sister (my Uncle and Aunt) are coming for lunch tomorrow.  My Uncle lives in Florida and doesn't often get up to visit, as his family as had health problems, as well.  So when I learned they were gathering for lunch tomorrow I knew I had to be there.  But how?

Although the pups could have spent many hours in the paddock, I would have worried that one might somehow escape or that a big storm would blow in and no one would be here to take care of them.  I consider their care my full time job at the moment and so the only decision I could make-- and still get up there to visit--  was to pack up the Pupsters and take them along!

I figure about the time they wake up , their last meal will have worked its way through their systems and we can get them emptied out for the trip.  I'll put them in the paddock for an hour while I finish packing the van and then off we'll go!  I have the exercise pen packed to erect in the shade once we arrive and a tupperware container loaded with food, dishes, toys, collars and leashes.  Oh, and cleaning supplies....just in case.  Better to be prepared.  None of them has ever gotten carsick and if I time this right, no one will need to potty enroute, either, although I may stop *just in case* a couple hours into the trip if I find a nice wayside. The biggest challenge then is making sure that the ones waiting can keep their legs crossed until it is their turn!  But that's why I have cleaning supplies, right?  I always carry a container with water from home.  Some dogs can get a sensitive stomach from drinking strange water, which has different minerals or contents then they are familiar with.

It will be late by the time we get back, so there will not be a Pupster entry until Friday. Their big discovery of the day was an introduction to hard dog biscuits, but otherwise it was a quiet day with only one new visitor.

Wish us luck!!

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