Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Please Vote for my Search and Rescue Team!

Last night, I drove to Milwaukee with Bart, Jinx and three of the Pupsters (because that's all I could fit in!) in order to participate in a TV spot on Fox News regarding a contest my Search and Rescue team is involved in.  The Pupsters are sure used to riding along with me and once I arrived I got them all out and each one of them peed and pooped.  Okay, I know it sounds crazy to write about the bodily functions of puppies, but many of you understand how important it is that they understand to "hold it" until I get them out.  If this doesn't excite you, close your eyes and imagine driving two hours with the waste products of three puppies wafting through your nasal cavities.  I brought Doc, Danica and Dark on the trip.  Since Doc is destined to be a SAR dog, he had his photo taken to demonstrate that he is off on the right feet!  He happily retrieved his little tug toy and pushed it at anyone who would play with him.  Here he is, posing with Lynn Gardiner, of People and Paws at the Rubbletown training site:



A little over a week into the voting, we are doing well…. THANK YOU! 


But the race isn’t over….with three weeks to go, every vote counts and we need you to continue voting DAILY. Please pass this along to everyone you know, and ask for a minute of their time to cast a vote for our team.


To learn more about this competition and learn more about our team, visit Milwaukee Fox 6 News for a video…


Please keep voting, and keep spreading the word… it is greatly appreciated!




Earlier this year People and Paws Search and Rescue,Inc. was nominated as one of hundreds of charitable, non-profit organization across the U.S. that were making a significant impact in their respective communities.  We were selected throughan online voting process and panel review and selected as one of 21 organizations to receive a regional award of $5,000. We now have the opportunity to compete in an online vote for a single $100,000 national award.  Your daily vote could help us win, and help support  training and equipment for canine search and rescue for the next 3 years!!

 Please go to to vote, and VOTE DAILY until August 10th, 2007

 ~Why People and Paws Search and Rescue, Inc?

 Since the team’s inception in 2000 we have been requested by law enforcement, fire departments, and other public safety agencies throughout Wisconsin and around the Midwest using highly trained personnel and canines.  Our team has trained extensively and certified in various disciplines to use canines to locate missing/lost persons.  The team has been deployed to assist in cases ranging from missing children and elderly Alzheimer patients, to disasters.

 As a 100% volunteer team we are funded by our members, the community, and private corporations.  The team does not receive any government funding or taxpayer-funded support.  We provide our services FREE to the requesting agency, and rely on donations, sponsors, and grants such as Rezoom to support our continued operations.

 ~What a difference $100,000 would make.

 The training, education, and equipment required to maintain a K9 search and rescue team comes at a substantial cost. It is specifically this reason that the vast majority of public safety agencies are unable to staff their own resources and rely on teams like ours in a time of need. Winning this award would allow our team to do the following;

1.      Fund ongoing training, education, and certification processes for the next 3-5 years for the benefit of our team as well as others throughout Wisconsin & the US.  This includes bringing nationally recognized trainers and certification instructors to Wisconsin. These programs typically cost several hundred dollars per K9/Handler not including travel and lodging expenses and have previously only been available out of state. These programs allow us to train and certify canines in Trailing, Tracking, Disaster and Human Remains Detection,.

2.      Upgrade and increase our communication equipment to ensure constant, critical communications between all rescuers and agencies in an incident.

3.      Increase the size of our Disaster K9 section. We are currently working on a goal of having six disaster canine teams that have completed the Canine Search Specialist class and are State USAR certified.  One class alone costs $1,500, not including travel expenses, and is held only in limited locations throughout the US.

4.      Upgrade our water response capabilities.  A significant portion of our searches involve water.  Purchase additional equipment to work in conjunction with our boat teams with side scan sonar in support of our Human Remains Detection canines to locate missing/presumed deceased persons in water.

5.      Purchase and upgrade safety, rescue and medical equipment.

Your support and your DAILY votes would be greatly appreciated.  This is a way for you to donate a few seconds of your time and make a tremendous impact.  Individual donations can also be made if you desire at our team website at .

Please feel free to pass along to everyone you know…WE NEED YOUR VOTES!


Geoff Gardiner
WI-TF1, IL-TF1 - Canine Search Specialist
FF/EMT Butler Volunteer Fire Dept
People & Paws Search and Rescue

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