Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sunday with the Pups

The pups had a very busy day today.  Friends of ours stopped by around noon with their little boy and girl. I think their ages were around 2 and 4, but I'm not good at estimating those things. We spent two hours playing with the pups, two by two so as not to overwhelm the kids.  Next came a family from Stevens Point who wanted to visit and see if our munsters were what they were looking for.  They had three young boys and the boys were very good, following instructions on handling and feeding and I doled out pieces of hamburger as they prompted the "sit".  Only once did I have to separate pup from shirt on a sneak attack from the rear! At the end of their two hour visit, the pups lay like road kill, scattered here and there on the concrete patio, curled up and sound asleep.  One pup was having little puppy dreams and making cute little noises but the dream must have been fairly peaceful as there were no little legs pumping!  Young kids move and sound different from adults, even the well-behaved ones.  It was a good exposure for the young pupsters.

This evening they woke up long enough for another burst of energy and ran in the yard as fireworks boomed in the distance.  They pay no attention.  Diablo and Doc decided that my tomato planters made a fun agility course.  I have four large wooden planters that were meant for patio tomatos, although none have yet found their home there this season and mostly the birds sit on the lip and fish for dropped seeds.  Speaking of birds, one of the red-winged blackbirds was unhappy that I was devoting time to dogs instead of filling feeders and he made several trips to perch on the feeder and complain!  At any rate, the pups decided to climb up and then jump from pot to pot and off.  Wheeee!

Dark wins the Energizer Bunny award of the day.  He was still romping around as the others had crashed.  D'jango was doing so well on sitting to be petted, and all were attracted to the stinkiness of my new composter and thought they could gnaw their way in. Eiiuuueeewww!

Tonight they found an addition to their sleeping quarters; two plastic dog crates with rugs inside to sleep on.  What we have found in the past is that this helps to acclimate them to the concept of being crated and also they learn to keep their sleeping area clean.  They snuggle up in the crate and go outside to potty.  Tomorrow morning we will discover how well the first night went.

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