Friday, July 6, 2007

Pups get microchipped

Today was an incredibly eventful day.  For the pups, except for being microchipped, it was not a big deal but Tom left today for training through work and won't be back for 10 weeks and that leaves quite a hole in my world.  Tom made a point to microchip the dogs before he left, because he knows how I struggled with it before.  I can give vaccinations with no problem, but I just can't poke hard enough for the microchip.  So, I held the pups and fed them hamburger and he handled the poking part, and all went well.  Team Krsnich!!  The pups protest briefly and go right back to what they were doing.  We use the Home Again system and the owners will receive the registration to send in with their information.  We list ourselves as the alternate contact, so that no matter where the pup goes, if the owner isn't found, we can be. 

My friend, Wendy, came to meet the Pupsters today. She owns Catja, a "C" litter girl who is certified in Search and Rescue.  Wendy was impressed with how willing the pups are.  The pups romped around, and retrieved thrown teddy bears, played tug with a piece of chamois and cozied up to the garden hose.  Why? Because I had run cold water through it and it felt good on their little puppy teeth.  I served the Pupsters a dish of ice cubes, and there was a frenzy of chomping and digging and they had a grand time with their pieces of frozen tundra.

When it came time to gather the pups up, one was missing.  Dark.  He has become the Diablo of the past and I think he will definately be getting some special attention.   Again tonight, as I brought the pups in to their night time digs, Dark was off exploring.  Everyone else is at my feet, and begging to be picked up , and Dark is investigating what might be lurking around the kennel.   I brought him in for a little visit (maybe that was the plan? hmmmmm) and he made a couple nice retrieves of my monkey fist ball.  Chased Jinx for a few laps around the couch.  She wasn't thrilled but he seemed quite happy.   This little tough guy attitude means that Dark will be earning his meals for paying attention to me.

I spent the evening on the tractor, after using the pressure washer to clean kennels.  That might not sound like abig deal to you, but consider that I have WRITTEN instructions (including what kind of fuel goes in each, and where to find it) on how to run all the machinery I will need to master in Tom's absence.  My first attempt at tractor jockey last night resulted in a broken belt after a minor miscommunication in exactly what type of cover the mower deck could handle.  I sincerely hoped that I wouldn't break everything, or Tom will come home to a dirty, overgrown prairie.  So far, so good, though. 

All the dogs that started out the day, were tucked in at the end of it, and nothing is broken.  Tom called to say "good night" (I'll spare you the mushy stuff) and all is well in the FoxTal world.


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