Monday, July 9, 2007

Quinn and Bart-- just because

Since I was doing some obedience work with my malinois, Quinn, and Dutch Shepherd, Bart I took a couple pictures and thought I would share them. 

Quinn's real name is Algonquin von Schoerling and he has a UKC CD and is 2xIPO3.  I plan to take him to the Regional Championships and to the Malinois Nationals this year.

This is Bart.   Bart vom Foxtal.   He has no titles yet, and his just a happy, goofy boy.  He is in training for schutzhund and also is doing well in his USAR training.  He loves searching for people on the rubble pile and barking!  He has a super temperament, too.  His momma, Roya, was bred to his daddy, Nico, for a repeat breeding due on July 25th, just about the time the Pupsters will be leaving for their new homes.  It looks to be a puppy summer for me!


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