Friday, August 31, 2007

Just Plain Cute



Red is somewhat more aloof with strangers, but once they give her attention, she snuggles right up.  Here she is doing what she enjoys to occupy her time...biting things!  The rug, my feet... 

Big Orange

Big Orange is the smallest puppy.  He wore the orange collar (which he has since dumped) and has such a big personality that I just call him Big Orange.  He is a spunky little guy, and hilarious to watch with his antics as he is quite active.  He is very people oriented, but ouch! He has quite the grip.  These were week 4 pictures, so he has grown tremendously since then.



Pinkie is an outgoing girl who shows great eye contact.  I will often notice her sitting and staring up at me, so it is easy to take cute photographs of her.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

First Car Ride!!

The Pupsters had their first car ride (well, actually a van...) tonight!  I had a meeting in Appleton, so loaded them up in the crates I carry, four in one crate and five in another on nice fluffy bath rugs.  My first challenge was locating all the pups.  I took the first batch out and loaded them, returned and only counted 1 puppy.  How could that be??  I looked around. No pups.  Then I saw that three of them had sneaked into the metal crate where I had placed Roya.  Roya likes to open doors, so I had put her in what we call the Lion Cage, which is one of those heavy duty welded aluminum things.  There are big metal bars, and the pups had decided it would be pretty cool to go in by mom!  Except one of them -- Pinkie-- some how got STUCK partway through.  I was able to remove her without resorting to Crisco, fortunately!  Got the wayward pups out, Roya back in and off we went.  I travel prepared with clean up materials (spray, paper towels, plastic bags and clean rugs) as well as a container of antibacterial hand wipes for people to use who want to handle the pups.  Hey, I don't know where their hands have been!There were mild protests as we started off, but they soon settled down.  Being Wisconsin pups, it is entirely possible that they wanted to be able to clearly hear the Packer vs Jaguars game, so had to be quiet! 

They were excellent travelers.  The meeting lasted approximately 1 1/2 hours and since it was a dog-related meeting, everyone wanted to meet the Pupsters.  I had to count heads several times as people would start to edge away, holding one of the little darlings tightly... ha ha!  I discovered I am not alone in loving the smell of puppy feet AND thinking they smell like Fritos'!  And everyone loves puppy breath, I think.  There is just something magical about the smell of a puppy and the way they look at you and assess.

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home.  This time there were no cries after going back into the crates and they apparently went back to sleep.  I was amazed when I took them out at home that there were no poops on the rugs and it did not seem that they had peed much, if at all.  I can't believe they would not have, given that amount of time, but once they were free at home every one of them peed.  Maybe?  They had a lovely homecoming meal of Momma and Meat, had a brief romping period and are now fast asleep once again.  

Sweet Dreams

Roya dreams of her care-free days, without puppies mauling her under parts....

Puppies dream of being the Baddest


Uh-oh!! I'm not sure what these three are dreaming of, but I'm pretty sure it's illegal in at least five states....


These puppies dream that toys fall from the sky forever


Rainbow dreams of having her own personal bed to sleep in at night


Sweet Dreams!



more pup pics

Snooze buddies

Can we talk?  (red girl)

Back off, Buddy! I  have teeth!!

CUBBY (has two white toes on each rear foot)


no white, seal brown with faint brindling now seen.  Cooper is easily recognized because he walks around with his tail straight up all the time.  He is abit of a bully, very social with people and confident.


Chuckie was the first born.  Has little white on more of his rear toes than Cubby.  He is larger than Cubby and slightly darker.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Some pics for you



Pinkie is a very social girl. She is an official greeter of both human and animal visitors.



I call him Big Orange because he had the orange collar (most have lost or outgrown their collars now so I tell them apart by size, color and markings) and because he is the smallest pup.  He does have a big personality for a little guy and is also a very social little man.


And this guy was formerly known as "Yellow Boy" but has since become Cartman.  He is the one with the attitude, which has mellowed somewhat now that he can see better and he enjoys being handled.  The puppy sitter reported that Cartman discovered the cat tonight and stood and barked and barked.  I can recognize him even from the rear, as he is the largest pup and very stout right now.  He has a patch of white on his chest.


The Pups have now been wormed two times using Nemex2, at 2 and 3 weeks so far.

First Non-Momma Meal

The Pupsters had their first non-Momma meal on Monday.  I feed a mixture of raw meat, evaporated milk (and sometimes adding Esbilac), honey and a couple egg yolks.  Based on the reaction, it must be delicious, but it looks like something you would step over on a sidewalk.  Since they can now reach the milk bar while standing or sitting, it is about time they supplemented their meal plan.  Their little teeth are coming in and I have seen them also nibbling on the National puppy food, which has very small pellets.


New Digs and New Friends

The Pupsters have a very nice 10 ft x 5 ft, 2 compartment whelping box which is now outfitted with a sleeping and eating area, and the romp/potty area.  However, it is a subtantially built contraption and I can't move it from the attached garage where it currently is and I wanted them to be nearby.  So I first tried a kiddie pool.

I plunked it down in the living room where I could reach down and play with a pup any time I liked.

And the Pupsters were very accomodating...they climbed right out of that pool!  Why make Deb bend over?  I gathered rugs and towels and created a landing zone around the pool so that they weren't dropping onto their little heads on the hardwood floor!  I soon discovered that they not only were climbing out, they were climbing back in!  It was not containing them at all!  I gave up and surrendered my living room.  I have rugs down across the entire floor and they roam at will.  They will definately have a sense of exploration and adventure!

The locations they have been in so far are: whelping box, living room (hallway, kitchen...all over!), kiddie pool and outside in the Xpen. 

They have been on (surfaces): grass, hardwood floor, wood floor of the whelping box, newspaper, kiddie pool plastic and rugs.

And since they are free-range puppies at the moment, I had to ask a puppy-sitter to stay with them this evening while I attended USAR training.  Sure, I could have put them in the puppy box but better they have company and stimulation.  My friend, Les, who belongs to their full B litter sister, Callie (Bacall) had fun playing with pups all evening and will bring Callie to play next week.

They have also entertained many visitors, including: the Whitney family, schutzhund club members, Les and Janie, the police officers who train here and prety much anyone who stops by!  They respond now to my call of "puppy, puppy, puppy" and start to cry and bark and come running.  They are really now beginning to be fun little dogs.


Puppy Obedience Lessons at FoxTal

Since all but one of the D Litter Munster pups have gone to homes in this area (a rarity for us, and it will be so nice to watch them grow up!) I will be offering Puppy Obedience classes here at FoxTal Training Center, beginning on Sunday, August 26 at 2 pm. The classes will continue for several weeks while I see what the response is and evaluate. Contact Deb at to confirm your attendance or to make an inquiry.  Initial lessons will include basic obedience and your training questions. Future lessons will include introduction to (bird) tracking and also working on birds.

Danica goes home

Danica, my little Speed Racer, went home with her new owner, Mike K last week. 

The house was very quiet after she left, as she had been my walking buddy and general puppy-bother to Roya.  Danica thought she could convince Roya that she was just another big baby, but here I go with another photo giving evidence that someone is breeding Dutch Shepherds to Holsteins!!



Mike was surprised that Danica could take a dip in the creek, run through the fields and by the time she got back to the house, would be clean and dry.    She really loved to explore the fields and seemed to excel at tracking scent.  I hope they have many happy hunts in the future!

Which is not like the rest?

Look closely.  You might notice something not quite right in this picture.  I know it might not be readily apparently, so take your time and look closely.

Even the cat isn't quite sure....

Nope, it is not the love child of a malinois. This is Lance, a Shiba Inu puppy.   Lance belongs to my neighbor and was a singleton puppy.  This was Lance's first play date.  He is approximately 1 1/2 weeks older than the Pupsters but about the same size. 


Lance didn't know what to make of all these striped puppies.  Especially when they did not react to his huffing and puffing and instead, tried to nibble on his tail or walked right over him.


He especially wasn't sure what to do about lunch.  Everyone else seemed to know where the line formed.  Poor Lance had never had to fight for his dinner before and he was offended by the lack of rules in this rowdy group. He gave it a try, though, but never did find success as those darned little striped brats would just crawl over the top of him and push him off.

Lance started out the day, skirting around the edges of the pups and curling up by himself but by the end of the day, he had started to get in the mix and he found a new friend...a GIRLFRIEND.  Little Pinkie, snuggled on over to him, layed her head across his neck and they went to sleep. Oh, sweet dreams!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Everyone is bringing gifts.

Roya brings them to the babies, but they are too young to play.

Purple boy tries the dumbbell, but it is a teensy bit large for him yet and makes a better pillow.

and Cooper -- formerly called Blue Boy-- thinks these boots are made for walkin..

We're all bringing gifts to help you forget that we've been away and haven't posted recently!  More to come soon!