Monday, August 6, 2007

All in the Family


Born 0555, Male

Lighter brown brindle with white on both back feet


Born 0626, Male

Dark with no white; can see brindling


Born 0639, Male, white on chest


Born 0814, Female, seal brown with small white on chest.



Born 0830, Male, lighter brown brindle with small white on chest and two toes on each rear foot white


Born 0917, Male, Dark with small white on chest and 1 left rear toe white

RED (color, not ribbon)

Born 0920, Female, reddish brown brindle female


Born 0958, Male, dark with no white


Born 1140, Female

As they get a little older I will be able to see how the brindling emerges on the very dark puppies.  In the last litter there were some who looked almost black, there was so little of the gold undercoat showing.  The white on the chest of the pups is tiny, and might not even be visible as adults on most.  The only one that has a larger piece (and still not big enough to be called a chest plate) is Yellow. 

I can hardly wait for them to begin to open their develop little personalities.  I should, however, count my blessings at the moment that Roya is doing most of the work.  Once our roles change, my job is full-time puppy caretaker and instructor.