Monday, August 13, 2007

Jeepers Creepers, we have Peepers!

The little slits in the eyelids were showing on Friday but now ALL the eyes are open!  What a difference that makes in seeing their expression and personality! 

YELLOW is the largest puppy.  He is the male with the largest white on the chest.  At this time, he does not have a very social personality. Hard to believe that, at only two weeks of age, you can see these things emerge, but they do.  He will get extra handling and care.  In our recent munsterlander litter we had one brat child and he became an entirely different dog under patient and consistent handling where he didn't get to be the boss.  So, changes can certainly be made if we recognize what we see.  Yellow complains at handling and yesterday, when a visited petted his little rear, he snapped his toothless head back.  So, we will just keep an eye on him and give him extra attention.

ORANGE is very dark and has no white or visible brindle yet.  He will move into my cupped hand and follow it.  Oh yes, they move around very well, wobbling on their little legs.  They walk and make attempts to run which usually end with them toppling over but they can stand on all four and and walk to where they want to be. 

The Pupsters were moved into the living room on Friday, as it was just too hot in the whelping box no matter how many fans I had running.  They are now in a kiddie pool, where they are smack in the middle of all the activity, television, cooking, etc.  And the kitty visiting them!  That would have been quite a photo if I would have had my camera handy--  our female Siamese, Kia, was laying next to the pool, keeping them company.   Even at two weeks old, though, they get a wild hair and over the edge they go!  I woke up this morning at 4 am to hear a puppy loudly complaining and discovered one was about five feet away from the pool, and not certain which direction was home. Roya was standing over him, whining, and apparently trying to encourage him in to move toward her but a little human intervention was welcomed.  I will have to find a better containment system, as the whelping box is too large and heavy to move.  Or, I just may have puppies scattered about the living room!

BLUE is a dark seal brown with no white.  I kept looking at his color, as he is dark but doesn't have the same visibly brindle as Chuckie, Cubby and Red.  But he isn'tas dark as Orange.  

I've been spending more time looking at the shade varieties that are developing and the photos will show some of that.  RAINBOW and PURPLE are both dark but you can see the brindle.

Well, I'm off to buy more raw meat for what will soon become a ravenous bunch.  Roya thinks she is quite special to be fed multiple times a day and get raw meat.  I'm glad I never taught her the trick of opening the refrigerator.  Bad enough she opens the lever-handled doors in the house, but I fear she would help herself to dinner if she could get into the fridge.  Too clever!