Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Some pics for you



Pinkie is a very social girl. She is an official greeter of both human and animal visitors.



I call him Big Orange because he had the orange collar (most have lost or outgrown their collars now so I tell them apart by size, color and markings) and because he is the smallest pup.  He does have a big personality for a little guy and is also a very social little man.


And this guy was formerly known as "Yellow Boy" but has since become Cartman.  He is the one with the attitude, which has mellowed somewhat now that he can see better and he enjoys being handled.  The puppy sitter reported that Cartman discovered the cat tonight and stood and barked and barked.  I can recognize him even from the rear, as he is the largest pup and very stout right now.  He has a patch of white on his chest.