Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Digs and New Friends

The Pupsters have a very nice 10 ft x 5 ft, 2 compartment whelping box which is now outfitted with a sleeping and eating area, and the romp/potty area.  However, it is a subtantially built contraption and I can't move it from the attached garage where it currently is and I wanted them to be nearby.  So I first tried a kiddie pool.

I plunked it down in the living room where I could reach down and play with a pup any time I liked.

And the Pupsters were very accomodating...they climbed right out of that pool!  Why make Deb bend over?  I gathered rugs and towels and created a landing zone around the pool so that they weren't dropping onto their little heads on the hardwood floor!  I soon discovered that they not only were climbing out, they were climbing back in!  It was not containing them at all!  I gave up and surrendered my living room.  I have rugs down across the entire floor and they roam at will.  They will definately have a sense of exploration and adventure!

The locations they have been in so far are: whelping box, living room (hallway, kitchen...all over!), kiddie pool and outside in the Xpen. 

They have been on (surfaces): grass, hardwood floor, wood floor of the whelping box, newspaper, kiddie pool plastic and rugs.

And since they are free-range puppies at the moment, I had to ask a puppy-sitter to stay with them this evening while I attended USAR training.  Sure, I could have put them in the puppy box but better they have company and stimulation.  My friend, Les, who belongs to their full B litter sister, Callie (Bacall) had fun playing with pups all evening and will bring Callie to play next week.

They have also entertained many visitors, including: the Whitney family, schutzhund club members, Les and Janie, the police officers who train here and prety much anyone who stops by!  They respond now to my call of "puppy, puppy, puppy" and start to cry and bark and come running.  They are really now beginning to be fun little dogs.