Monday, September 29, 2008

Sportsmen and Animal Owners Voting Alliance Endorses McCain-Palin

Each person decides what issues are important to them, and which political party best meets those concerns, but for the Sportsman,the following announcement may be of interest:

A SAOVA message to sportsmen, pet owners and farmers concerned  about protecting their traditions, avocations and livelihoods from anti-hunting, anti-breeding, animal guardianship advocates. Forwarding and cross posting, with attribution, encouraged.

For Immediate Release

September 29, 2008

Sportsmen and Animal Owners Endorse McCain-Palin

The Sportsmen’s and Animal Owners’ Voting Alliance (SAOVA) today endorsed Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for President and Sarah Palin for Vice President.  The McCain-Palin ticket best aligns with the views of Americans who hunt, fish, own and breed animals and are aware of animal rightist organizations’ intentions to remove these rights.

Senator McCain, an avid fisherman, understands that the sportsmen community is the strongest advocate for programs that encourage habitat protection and wildlife Conservation. As a westerner, he is also particularly sensitive to our private property rights.

In contrast, Sen. Barack Obama has been endorsed by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) the wealthiest animal rights organization in the country with a well-known anti-hunting, anti-breeding agenda. 

After years of issuing anti-hunting statements, HSUS has transformed their campaign to end hunting calling it “the Wildlife Abuse Campaign”, claiming they are merely fighting cruelty.  HSUS leaders are highly skilled at presenting their animal rightist views and restrictive legislation under the label “humane” in order to advance their agenda, and Senator Obama appears to have fallen in line with their scheme

Senator Obama and HSUS have courted each other since he was endorsed and funded for the Illinois senatorial race in 2004. Viewing the Humane Society Legislative Fund 2007 Presidential Questionnaire, Senator Obama answered yes” nearly across the board, pledging support for HSUS initiatives.

HSUS has outlined a plan for a federal Animal Protection Agency, with an administrator appointed by the President of the United States.  This new agency would provide animal rightists a single area to lobby for support of their issues.   Obama fits the criteria of the President that will assist HSUS with these plans either by creating such an agency or appointing animal rights sympathizers to key cabinet and committee positions within the Departments of Agriculture and Interior.

The world not only belongs to those who show up, it's controlled by the best informed and most motivated. HSUS wants to be in the position in January 2009 to not only strongly influence both Houses of Congress and the White House, but to be consulted on the appointments of the Secretaries of Agriculture and Interior Departments. These agencies make all the day-to-day decisions that impact on you and your sport. Appointees there implement all new animal and hunting statutes and allocate funding, while also enforcing and interpreting existing federal laws. That's how important this election will be.

Make a difference in Washington.

Support and vote for McCain-Palin!!


The Sportsmen's and Animal Owners' Voting Alliance (SAOVA) is a nationwide, nonpartisan group of volunteers lobbying legislation and seeking to elect politicians who will oppose the animal rightist threat to our rights as Americans. Our members hunt, fish and own livestock, dogs, cats and other pets. For more information about SAOVA visit

The message above was posted to West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Missouri residents by the Sportsmen's and Animal Owners' Voting Alliance (SAOVA) on one of ten regional read only elists.

SAOVA is a nonpartisan volunteer group working to protect Americans from the legislative and political threats of radical animal rightists. It is the only national organization fighting this struggle for both sportsmen and animal owners, natural allies, in these arenas. Visit our website at for this program's goals, methodology and list signup details.



Saturday, September 27, 2008

Echo vom Foxtal

Echo vom Foxtal (pink) is a roan girl, just slightly bigger than Este.  She and Este like to beat up the boys when they have the chance and Echo is cheerful, confident girl.


Este vom Foxtal

Este's nickname as a baby was Star because she has a 5 point star of white on her back.  Or, if you had wine with lunch, it may look like Mickey Mouse ears in the brown.  Either way, she is a sweet roan girl; quite a cuddler.

Enno vom Foxtal

You'll notice these photos are slightly younger than the rest.  Enno asked me to post them but apparently he doesn't realize many women prefer older men.  He thought the youthful appearance might work for him.  The truth is that it got dark before I had to take a chance to take a new one with the rest of the gang. 

Enno is a brown and white plated male, quite flashy looking like his momma, with that white front.  He has traveled with me to USAR training in Milwaukee and likes to hang out with the big dogs who have jobs.  He is considering a career as a narcotics detection dog when he isn't working on his tan (see middle photo).


Edoc vom Foxtal

Edoc (blue) has a stouter build and is not as tall as Epic and Excel.  He is also a brown and white plated male.


Epic vom Foxtal

Epic is also a brown and white plated male.

You can see how he got his original identifying nickname of "Half Pant" by the half pant-leg he carries on the left side.

Epic is also one of the two tallest males, with a greater length of leg.

Excel vom Foxtal

Excel vom Foxtal (5 spot) is a brown and white plated male.  He and Epic are the tallest of the males.



Friday, September 26, 2008

Nail Trimming

How many people do you know who consider trimming nails to be a traumatic endeavor? They worry and fret, and put it off until the nails are horribly long and then face the battle. (or pay someone else for the pleasure)

Nail trimming is something that should be practiced from tiny puppy-hood on, so that it is familiar.  Handling the feet is a right of the human, but the dog is rewarded for a calm demeanor.

You can see how relaxed and easy this is. 

This is "Jeiko", or Eyk vom Foxtal.  Eyk in the dutch language means "oak".  Jeiko is a strong willed young male with an inquisitive nature.  He is the darkest roan of the family.  He was nicknamed Jeiko after his famous great-grandsire, Jeiko vom Jakobsbrunnen.

He likes to track and loves water.  He is always using his nose to follow scent on the ground, and on our walks he is in and out of the creek and the pond. 

This is Tom, working with Jeiko.  We prefer to use motivational training methods, and utilize food in teaching foundation. 

When training a puppy, it is also important to keep the session short and very active and never let them "fall out" of attention.