Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Which is not like the rest?

Look closely.  You might notice something not quite right in this picture.  I know it might not be readily apparently, so take your time and look closely.

Even the cat isn't quite sure....

Nope, it is not the love child of a malinois. This is Lance, a Shiba Inu puppy.   Lance belongs to my neighbor and was a singleton puppy.  This was Lance's first play date.  He is approximately 1 1/2 weeks older than the Pupsters but about the same size. 


Lance didn't know what to make of all these striped puppies.  Especially when they did not react to his huffing and puffing and instead, tried to nibble on his tail or walked right over him.


He especially wasn't sure what to do about lunch.  Everyone else seemed to know where the line formed.  Poor Lance had never had to fight for his dinner before and he was offended by the lack of rules in this rowdy group. He gave it a try, though, but never did find success as those darned little striped brats would just crawl over the top of him and push him off.

Lance started out the day, skirting around the edges of the pups and curling up by himself but by the end of the day, he had started to get in the mix and he found a new friend...a GIRLFRIEND.  Little Pinkie, snuggled on over to him, layed her head across his neck and they went to sleep. Oh, sweet dreams!