Saturday, August 4, 2007

Walking with Callie

Callie is a Dutch Shepherd female from Roya's first litter.  She came to visit the other day and so her owner, Les, and I took her for a walk with D'jango and Danica.  Callie has the same marvelous temperament as her mother but if I send another photo of a Dutch shepherd with munster pups, I think for sure the folks on the Dutch Board will think I am indeed breeding dutch shepherds to Holsteins! 

Danica thought Callie was just the BEST!  Callie would run into the tall grass, or across the ditch line and Danica would be hot on her heels. Call one, and you got a pair!

It was one of those horrendously hot, mid-90's days that we had and Callie and the two pups would run ahead and lay down in the shade as we worked our way back.  True to my usual camera ineptitude, I forgot to change settings after taking DS puppy pics and so all the adorable photos that I took were overexposed.  But you get the drift.  Here is the brother-sister bookends: