Thursday, July 26, 2007

Last night in Wisconsin for Der Spartacus

Der Spartacus (formerly known as "Doc") went for his last romp around the property on Monday evening, with brother, Diablo. 

For those who haven't seen our property, we have almost 40 acres with approximately 5 wooded along the Black Creek, which is our north border, and the rest in field grasses.  We have paths mowed around the wildlife scrape/pond and along the wood line so you can walk around the entire property and enjoy the beauty.

It was somewhat cooler in the evening, and a fine time for pups to stretch their legs.  I tried to get good photos of the two of them, but each time they saw me stop, they came flying back.  Here they are, sitting for a treat, but making my photo journalism impossible!

I tried to distract them and move away, by making little tracks in the grass and baiting them, but only succeeded in adding to my collection of "pictures of puppy butts." Either their heads were down on the track or they were half turning back.  I guess National Geographic will never hire me based on this collection!

As we walked along the east ditch line, Der Spartacus suddenly stopped and his little front paw came up in a point, but his rear end wasn't convinced that he wanted to stay.  I started to walk back to see what he had when UP comes a wild turkey from the ditch!  Once the turkey flew up, he went back to his romp and wasn't startled by the loud noise, as I was! 

I had found a number of turkey feathers on my first walk, with Danica and D'jango but no one had discovered the turkey hidden in the ditch. 

And this is the two brothers, pushing and joking their way back from the walk.  Probably telling puppy fart jokes, if they are like any other brothers I know!

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