Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Sit-Upons and Dry Bottoms

Do you remember Sit-Upons? As a Brownie-- and then Girl Scout-- in Northern Wisconsin, making a Sit-Upon was one of those rites of passage, along with crafts that involved glueing seeds. This involved taking two pieces of oil cloth (I can't remember what went in the middle?)  roughly the size it would take to cover a young girl's bottom, punching holes on the edges and lacing a piece of cloth through that which then could be tied around your waist.  Then, wherever you sat, you had a ready-made dry place to perch.

Almost as ingenious as the invention of S'mores. Real S'mores must be made by toasting a marshmallow over a fire, generally to the point of catching fire and blackening at the edges, and then smashing the gooey mess in between two graham crackers along with a piece of Hershey chocolate bar. S'mores do NOT come in the form of pop tarts or ice cream flavors and I doubt that microwaving a Peep and placing it on a graham cracker counts, either.  Real S'mores require a camp fire setting.  And probably a Sit-Upon.

What led me to considering this dilemma of modern times was the fact that we have had abit of rain lately and opted to watch the fireworks last night from the comfort of our van.  Sitting on the ground wasn't going to be an option, and is one of those things that is probably much more fun minus about thirty years. The fireworks in Appleton were beautiful and seemed to go on forever.  Just when you thought they were finished, another beautiful starburst would break the sky.  On our drive home we could see the fireworks displays in two other towns. The pupsters have not minded the rain at all and it is only humans who worry about a dry place to sit.

And speaking of dry, do you remember the experiment involving placing crates in the night-time puppy box? The first night was not successful and then I suggested removing the dog bed from the other compartment and putting down newspapers, since outdoors the pups prefer to move away from their sleeping/play areas to potty.  We still had poop in the crates the next morning, though.  So last night, we got the pups out for a later potty break and were up this morning before they woke up themselves. There were no messes in the crates!  Success!

In a matter of hours, they will be inundated with visitors. They will be evaluated and played with.  No rides to the gas station this morning, since Tom is having breakfast with his brother and said he would pick up a newspaper.  I told him I didn't think they would sell him a paper unless he had a puppy along! 

The birds are singing.  I think they are trying to tell me to fill the feeders, but I'll ignore it long enough to make coffee. It's another beautiful day for the Pupsters!

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