Monday, July 30, 2007


I have two puppies left here to go to their new homes, Danica and D'jango.  They don't seem bothered by the dwindling numbers of their siblings.  Trying to take a photo of them is difficult, as when we walk they come running back if they see me stop to focus.  This is Danica.

Even as they range out, they are aware of my position and check back.  Watching them work the paths and fields the other night was very interesting.  Danica was all about tracking; her little nose was to the ground and you could hear her snuffling in the scent.  D'jango, on the other hand, used air scenting and his nose was in the air and testing the breezes.  In the end, I was able to get a couple photographs of Danica but none of D'jango this time.


Danica is the most vocal puppy, and has always voiced her complaints or simply barked to get attention.  And, being a girl who grew up with four brothers, she takes what she wants.  Here she is with BOTH of the toys that I had given the puppies to play with, not so secretly hoping that D'jango will give chase and attempt to take his back!

  She is not very subtle about what she wants, either.  If ignored, she will follow you, shaking her head with the toy in her mouth and making noise to get your attention.  It will be difficult not to give in and baby her, but she will definately need rules!

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