Thursday, May 19, 2011

WDC Closing

The final performances at the Working Dog Championship this morning sealed the placements, leaving Jason Wiggins in first place, Dan Cox second and Terri Limbaugh in third. The three of them train together in Kentucky and I had the good fortune to visit with them this weekend and found them to be such nice people. There were some exceptional performances throughout the event, and some that fell short. What struck me was the atmosphere of support and camaraderie that existed.

The weather remained cool, but at least we were much drier than on Saturday morning! I felt a little like one of the Three Bears! AWDF was toooo hot; WDC was toooo cold; I'm searching for the "just right" pudding! The weather was mostly enjoyable for the dogs, however, who were very spunky in the cool temps. Machtig Strom isn't a large club but still pulled off this major event, with help from a few sports friends. Jeff Govednik, in addition to competing in the FH Championship and a host of other duties, took photographs and each competitor received a photograph taken of their performance, commemorating the event. That was such a thoughtful touch! I was also a big winner in the raffle!! yayyy!! As I was leaving the stadium, Eric B asked how I did and said "you placed, right?" I started to say, no, we hadn't passed and he looked at me intently and said, "but you PLACED, didn't you?!" The answer is, YES, I did place. From last to first, each of us has a place and that place was at the Working Dog Championship. What a refreshing view!

Thank you to all who made this event a success, from Machtig Strom to each spectator who came to support the event! It was such a wonderful weekend of seeing my sports friends! I hope everyone has much success in this 2011 trial season and that you keep in mind all the lives you touch through the sport.

If you are experiencing withdrawal next weekend, don't forget the O.G.Bierstadt trial and Regional Conformation Show, held in Campbellsport, Wisconsin!!

signing out until the next adventure,

Deb Krsnich