Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jollyball Wars with Roya and ViVi

I bought a couple JollyBalls for Pre, and found them coveted... and then absconded with... by Roya and her partner in crime, ViVi!  Roya is my almost-11 year old Dutch Shepherd who is the most awesome puppy teacher!  ViVi is the young upstart malinois, trying to forge her own identity as the offspring of accomplished parents.

At first, ViVi did not know what she was supposed to do with this strange pink toy.  Big dog is running toward it, so perhaps I should be doing the same? 

 Maybe I'm supposed to jump on Big Dog's head? 

Oh No! That's not it!

Oh, I get it!  I'm supposed to run very fast and try to beat the Big Dog to the toy... and the STEAL IT!


I am the Queen of the Lawn!