Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 2 WDC-- Singing in the Rain

Day 2 started out with duck weather, raining and cold. I had made a little shopping trip after my arrival and chosen a new outfit to wear for obedience/ protection, to compliment the color of my dog. The label said "slimming", and I thought that sounded like a good thing. Needless to say, it was buried under 3 layers of clothing and a rain-suit so no one ever knew! I was in the first team on the field, and went to the long down. I know Pre doesn't like to be wet, and had gotten him out and made sure he was wet first, with the idea that he wouldn't need to shake. Not wet enough, apparently! While I was tucked away in my blind (after I was yelled at by Johannes for peeking through the hole!!) Pre got up 3 times, shook off, moved slightly and laid back down again. Unfortunately, each shake took him further from the down position and he lost all the points!

The field lay out was changed from the way we practiced it. Because people had complained at the previous National event that the curvature of the baseball diamond was a problem, they placed chairs with sandbags and tape to give the field a square configuration. The send away was in a different place, and they marked it with a white sandbag,so it appeared there was something out there for the dogs to run to. The blinds were now farther apart, because when we practiced the infield was covered with tarps to protect it for the game. Relatively minor things that the experienced dogs handled in stride. Less experienced dogs allowed themselves to be more distracted.

In the good news- bad news department, Pre rocked his motion exercises! At the AWDF he had become distracted and I did not sense that he had even heard the command, and so just froze instead of sitting. Today, he nailed it! There were other minor points taken, and I sure would have liked to have had those 10 points for the long down!! Still, for a dog who is attempting his SchH3 in his second stadium event, experiencing all the ins and outs of travel (plus the break down enroute) he definitely had some positive aspects of his performance. He was a good little man over all ,with 85 points to show for our efforts.

In protection work he earned 86 points. Pronounced courage and fast outs. The rest I can work with, such as the fact that he TOTALLY lost his secondary obedience! I can see heeling for obedience with great stimulation/distraction in his future!! So, okay, it wasn't the day... or weekend... I had hoped for but at the end of the day, I have a dog who didn't quit, who shows a lot of spirit but needs a little more control, that I really enjoy working. All good stuff.

North Central Region member Susan Dooling earned a qualifying score for the WORLD Championship qualifier!! Everyone needs to encourage her to declare and GO! For many of us, that would be the experience of a lifetime. You just never know if you will get that chance again. GO!! I was lucky to meet Susan's family, as well. Her 86 year old mother and two sisters traveled here to watch Susan compete. They must be very proud, and I think it is wonderful when family comes to see the sport we love so much!

There is one more flight to do obedience and protection tomorrow. Check the results page to catch up on all the scores. From our region we have me, Susan, Donovan, Bob Cook... I think that's it unless I'm forgetting someone? Two people I consider "honorary" members, because they spend so much time in our region, are Mike Williams and Roni Hoff. Good luck to Mike tomorrow!! ... and Michelle, you are STILL doing at great job!! (tell Wayne you got another compliment. That and $2 will probably get you the cup of coffee that Mike Williams owes me!! haha)

I am having a terrific weekend. I've met new sport friends and gotten to see so many really great people. Custom K9 Creations, where I bought my lovely pink vest at AWDF, had new GSD t-shirts and the artist was here. I met him and let him know how much I enjoy his work. He does fantastic schutzhund artwork! I ordered a video from Shellshots, too, so that I can make sure to address all those pesky point losses. All the judges have been strict, but pleasant. I wish everyone was able to travel and support their club or region members, or just be able to see the inspiring teamwork of some of the competitors. I'm not the best reporter when I'm competing myself, as I tend to either be preparing to compete, competing or.... talking. Are you surprised? I watch and ooh and ahhh at the excellent performances, gasp at the faux paux but don't take adequate notes to be able to relate to you a specific performance.

Next on our Regional agenda... the CHAMPIONSHIP! Also check out the GSD National Championship and the American Working Malinois Assoc Championship, held in Leland,IL. So, get out there and jump into your club trials and make plans to attend the Regional and National level events, if only to be inspired and meet great sports-friends!

Deb Krsnich