Thursday, May 19, 2011

Need a Clone and/or lottery tickets!

I think I need a clone. Or several clones. And I need to win the lottery!! This spring seems to have me running in so many different directions that I am looking forward to even a small gap in the action. However, I know that if I don't have a dog event or training pulling me to action, there are plenty of things around the house and property that need attention!

The events so far have involved Pre (male malinois) getting him to the various championships.  Therefore, the seminars have also included him.  We earned our IPO2 at the AWDF Championship and were IPO2 Champions at that event. At the Working Dog Championship, we fell short in tracking but had passing scores in OB and Protection. Our next big event will likely be the Regional Championship, and conclude the year with the Maliniois Nationals.  I did want to get that IPO3 behind us, and am considering our club trial.  Just not sure yet.

Different "followers" here have their own favorite dogs and I find people asking me about this dog or that....and aren't I still working them?  The answer is, yes, I am still working a large group of dogs but usually don't have the means to take photos. Unless someone else is taking photographs of the work, my own are relegated to walks and play.  And if I am taking pictures, I can't interact as much, so the camera isn't a part of my general play.

Marco (male German Shepherd) has been the traveling companion for Pre lately, because he needs the travel/hotel experience.  We practiced obedience at the Debbie Zappia seminar and protection with Greg Doud. We will be concentrating on obedience and tracking once I wrap up my USAR test this weekend.

Which brings me to Cooper (male Dutch Shepherd).  People and Paws SAR, is hosting a Type 1/CE USAR test this weekend in Milwaukee.  The weather has been horrible this year for doing any prep work at the rubble pile, but from our last several practices, I think working search boxes here has helped tremendously.  We fell 3 barks short out in CT.  Hopefully, my little stripey boy will bark loud and strong and locate all his victims quickly.  The test is on Saturday.  I really do not want to have to drive across the country for another test, nor do I want to have to do his FSA again.  It could be that I am just worn out, but I am not certain I could work up the energy to continue if we are not successful. Time and perspective is a beautiful thing, so tomorrow could look different.  Cooper did earn his UKC Conformation Championship, as well, so he is a good looking boy who also works.  He has a lovely temperament and is very sociable and confident.

ViVi (female malinois) will be leaving us in June, headed to liberal Madison with Sam.  Thank goodness for her conservative foundation or I might worry!  She is absolutely adorable.

Roya (female Dutch Shepherd) has been helping to raise ViVi properly, encouraging her to play and explore and correcting her when she is too much the brat!  When she isn't busy with puppies and jollyballs, she snoozes on a bed in the livingroom...or our bed... and tries to convince me she has not been fed yet.  She had a cancerous tumor removed last year and it is reportedly a slow growing type so I hope old age catches up to her before the cancer does.

Quinn (male malinois) retired from schutzhund and then earned his MR1 last year.  This spring he helped to train the new police officers in protection and had great fun. I still have thoughts of earning his FH.  Time and field accessibility limits how many dogs I can track with, though. We'll see.

Chica (female Dutch Shepherd) was supposed to have been sold as a detection dog, but the buyer kept asking for more tests, hip and elbows (all good), blood tests (all good)... and then decided not to get a new dog yet. ugh. I thought I might train her for HRD but at this point, for the price of the spay and to the right home, I would just like to find her a home.  She is a small girl, a very happy dog.  Kenneled now but she is crate trained. 

Ridley (female Dutch Shepherd) is a dog I got as a possible Cooper girlffriend.  The timing of her arrival was bad, as Jinx was sick and all my attention was on her, so Ridley took a back seat.  I've been working her all along, but not concentrating on her, so now its time to step up the work and find her a career calling.

The other dogs in the kennel are Tom's Small Munsterlanders.  There is a young adult male who would like a pet or obedience home. He is a soft, affectionate dog.

I will try to get some photos up here again soon of all the favorites so you can see how they have grown and changed.  I have some nice photos of Pre from the Championships, too, thanks to 5 Dogs Photography. Now you must excuse me, as I need to go buy lottery tickets and hope to win enough money to keep me in gasoline.....