Saturday, November 26, 2011

What I am Thankful For

1.   I have a husband and partner (fortunately the same person!!) who is supportive of my passion for dogs.  He never whines that I am leaving for yet another competition, certification, or training or questions the ridiculous sums of money spent on maintenance and vet bills.  It doesn't hurt that he loves them, too.

2.  None of my dogs passed away in 2011.  I lost Digit in December of the previous year and our oldest dog in the kennel now is Donar, who will be 13 in April.  We have dogs who will turn 10,11 and 12 this coming year and I am thankful to have this "experienced" group in good health and spirits.  While it is a shock to lose a young dog, we can't overlook the lessons learned in the lifetimes of these old guys and how they have shaped the person we are.

3.   Our health.  Aside from a few aches and pains, both Tom and I are in good health.  When I meet or hear about people who struggle with chronic ailments or injuries, I have to give Thanks for our health.  From one day to the next it cannot be taken for granted.  There is always someone who has overcome worse.

4.  Advances in technology that allow me to be "friends" with someone half a world away and share their knowledge of dogs.  The internet opens a world of travel to the training techniques of someone in Belgium, or a seminar in South America.

5.  I am Thankful that all of these things serve to improve me as a trainer so that I can help other people and dogs to become better partners.