Monday, November 7, 2011

Cooper, Type 1/CE

Wow! What a day! Cooper passed his Type 1/CE today at a test hosted by the USAR Foundation in Collierville, Tennessee.  I trusted my dog, supported him with exuberant play and praise and let him do his job... and he rocked it!  3 victims on the Limited Access pile, and 2 on the Full Access, one located in some debris about 20 feet away from the main body of the rubble.  I am so proud of my brindle boy, the product of my own breeding program.  He received many compliments on his work ethic and temperament. 

Once I get home, I will download some photos of the pile and add a more complete description.  The hosts and people I met here are all super nice folk.  The complex is only 6 minutes from the host hotel, and driving around here is very easy.  It is a very safe town, quite historic.  I would love to return.  Right now, Cooper is tucked up in his crate, snoozing with a full belly and I doubt he appreciates his accomplishment more than simply getting to do what he loves, and be rewarded for it! 

The most poignant moment of the test came when I had cast Cooper out and it was clear he wasn't coming up with any further scent.  I verbalized it and the evaluator asked "do you trust your dog?"  If you followed our experience from the spring, you know how meaningful this question was to me.  I responded "yes, I do" and called time, ending our search.  Teamwork, baby, teamwork.  I do love this dog!