Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Who is this for? Adding a dog to the family

We met a really lovely couple this weeked.  They brought their adult female Munsterlander to meet a prospective new addition to the family, Excel.  Excel was freshly bathed and beautified to meet the lady friend.  Problem is, he had no interest in her.  Zero.  As "girlfriend" zoomed around the field, exploring, Excel only had eyes for the humans, staying next to us and reveling in the petting.  If they passed one another, there was no acknowledgement, no play bow or happy faces.  It wasn't terribly surprising.  "Girlfriend" is a business-like dog, who actually lifts her leg to pee and throws back the soil to scent mark.  There is clearly a good deal of testosterone there! Excel is much like our other hunting dogs who will search a field together but are not interested in playing.  So, neither dog solicited attention and they went about their respective business.

We all had a nice long walk around the property on a beautiful autumn day, with two handsome brown and white dogs.  It was  not, however, a love fest.  Though they were not meant to be sexual partners, I'm sure there was a hope that having another dog would bring out the playful side of "girlfriend".  I contrast that with what I would have seen from Pre, who immediately would have sniffed, licked and most likely, humped.  Or attempted to.  Different breeds, different individuals; different behaviors. 

In the end, the couple left to ponder the meeting and I haven't heard back from them.  The dogs may warm up to one another, but "girlfriend" showed no interest in having a buddy.  She was somewhat timid to approach me, not a social butterfly to begin with.  It made me wonder who the new addition would be for?  I didn't get a sense that "girlfriend" had a desire to share her family or want a friend.  She wasn't possessive over the humans, and didn't show a concern or interest over their attention to another dog.  I would be interested to see her response to a puppy who insists on fawning over her and licking, to see if she would enjoy that or try to escape?  (naturally, I don't advocate sacrificing a puppy for the sake of my curiousity but generally a bitch will just smack them down without injury if the attention is unwanted) 

If the addition was because the family wanted a dog to cuddle with who would love to be physically touched and petted, in contrast to a more aloof dog, then that would be fine.  If the purpose was as a playmate to their other dog... not so much.  The two may warm up to one another, or they may simply exist in two separate universes under the same roof.  This would be a good match if the family wanted a second dog to spend time with, as opposed to something to occupy their other dog.   They left saying they would ask "girlfriend" her opinion; I think it will be "no, thank you. I'm happy with the way things are."

I am disappointed that Excel may not have found his own home, but the most important point is that it is the right home for HIM.