Monday, October 10, 2011

Pre at home

Pre is back in Madison with the Leinweber family and doing just fine.  I know readers are wondering how the transition went.  On Saturday night of the Malinois Championship I shed many tears over saying goodbye, having him injured, not being able to fulfill the dream I had for him.  I wondered how I would be able to drop him off at home.  Maybe I would pull in, hurry him out and leave before I cried again?  As it turned out, there would be no crying.  Pre got out and ran around the yard and into the house where he acted as if he had never left!  His favorite walking buddy, Sam's aunt from next door, stopped over.  Pre reunited with the family dog, Shelby, who wasn't as thrilled to see him!  The family joked that she had hoped he was gone forever and there he was, back again! I left knowing that Pre would be loved and spoiled and he was perfectly happy to lounge without training demands, eating home-made yogurt.  In case you were wondering, there is a happy ending.