Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pre wins the AWDF IPO2 Championship!

Last weekend, Pre and I competed at the American Working Dog Championship in Kentucky.  I am very fortunate to be able to train and compete with this wonderful dog for the year.  I will write more detail later, but despite issues related to lack of coordination in the event, having to travel the day before the Championship, and trialing in 93 degree heat, Pre prevailed to earn a new IPO2 title under the sharp pencil of Championship judges.  I purchased a CD of photographs and have to select from an incredible array, and various friends also took photos and video that I hope to get copies of.
I attended a seminar with Debbie Zappia recently and she worked on some technical points to maximize our performance, and they really helped.  I plan to work with her again in the future as Pre and I  have plans for the Working Dog Championship (Iowa/May) and earn our IPO3, North Central Regional Championship (Hazelhurst, Wi/Sept)  and the American Working Malinois Championship (Illinois/October) before he retires to his Madison family.  Sam gave Pre a wonderful foundation, and then I took him to college! A great team effort!

In the meantime, here are a couple photos from Kentucky:

Pre hanging out on the bed with me; we're watching Animal Planet

                                                          After our stadium work in 93 degree heat. Tapped out

                                                    Showing off his "sit pretty", a crowd favorite!