Monday, April 25, 2011

Foxtal's Vortex Viper, aka: ViVi (name pending)

Meet ViVi.
She is a female Belgian Malinois puppy, 6 weeks old
Her full name (pending) is Foxtal's Viper Vortex, named after sniper scope.
I expect she will be deadly accurate, a force to reckon with.
Her momma is Lazer du Loups du Soleil, IPO3.
Her daddy is Mangouste du Loups du Soleil, MR3, FR3, 4x World Team Competitor.
Besides being from the famous Loups du Soleil lines, Lazer's dam is Fauxtois... the same mother as my Jinx.

The litter does not carry the Loups du Soleil name because only those litters bred by MichaelEllis or his partners can use that name, so I will be using my own kennel name.  How lucky is that?  I will have an awesome dog, from incredible lines... with MY kennel name!!

ViVi is so smart she will be going to law school with my friend, Sam.
He has big plans for her training. Although ViVi is quiet and sleeping at the moment, I have already wished revenge on Sam for having avoided this crate-training, I-miss-my-mommy period of ear piercing decibel levels.

The last puppy I got at 6 weeks of age was my Sofie, and she turned out pretty darned great!  Ordinarily I would not do this, and keep my own puppies to 10 weeks of age, but I know that I have stable adults who can teach ViVi how to speak "dog" and that I can provide the environmental stimulation that she needs.  The concern with taking young puppies is that they will not learn how to properly behave with other dogs and become dog aggressive.  Enter Roya, my old Dutch Shepherd bitch.  Roya has raised two litters herself and is such a great mother that she even nursed a singleton puppy our neighbor brought over.

Roya has helped ViVi transition to her new home.  She takes ViVi outside to potty and gently, but firmly teaches her that puppies do not take food from grown ups.  I have been feeding her raw and at first she didn't know who to bite off pieces of the patty.  Once I mushed it up in my fingers, she dug in. That little body actually eats quite abit!

So, another puppy adventure begins..........too quickly they become young adults.  For now, however, I will savor the puppy breath and frito feets.