Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Snow Day- Marco

Of course, Marco got a Christmas Day walk!  I didn't walk him with the other dogs because right now we are focusing on the fact that all good things in the world come from me.  I always take treats with me, and we make a lesson of it, practicing recalls and positions.  To Marco, it's just all fun and food!

 what a head, eh?

Here is Marco, stuck in the snow.  He discovered that the snow was deeper than he thought! After that, we stayed on the plowed trail. He has such a serious look on his face.

this is an artsy picture of Marco running with a snowball in his mouth.  I didn't have a toy with me, so I would kick loose clods of snow and toss them and he would chase after them and attempt to carry them back... until they disintegrated!

we practiced a little tracking. if the weather isn't so cold that it hurts to breathe through my nose, I will track with the dogs and this was a warm, snowball-packing day. We had done a few snow scent circles so on our walk I would step out a scent circle, put down some treats (string cheese is good for snow, but some of my footprints had his puppy chow in them) and proceed to walk backwards, dropping treats in my tracks.  In that way, I could put a few extras in a print and gain some distance on him!  He was all about finding that food and loves to use his nose to the ground.   The following day he did a very nice serpentine track.