Friday, January 29, 2010

Whose Life?

Allow me to digress a moment. I happened to be at Barnes and Noble today and thumbed through a new book, "My One Year Experiment to Walk the Walk of the Queen of Talk; LIVING OPRAH" by Robyn Okrant. This author watched the Oprah Show for a year and adopted her suggestions and contracts, blogged about it and utlimately wrote a book. I own the book "Julie and Julia" in which that author worked her way through Julia Child's cookbook in one year, while blogging about it... and ultimately writing a book. And that book was made into a movie!

It got me to thinking, what celebrity would I be willing to follow, emulate and write about for a year? Martha Stewart would certainly be the most fun, as she is savvy CEO, author. producer... you name it... and seems to have fun doing what she does. I would enjoy the crafts and the cooking, studies of cultures and histories that she does and most of all, the work she does with animals, both pet and livestock. But frankly, I think Martha would just plain wear me out! I would be a sad comparison in attempting to *be* Martha, and her own daughter has also claimed the satiric review of Martha. Not only that, but Martha doesn't preach. She doesn't pretend to influence National elections and she offers advice and examples, she does not make out contracts of subservance to her audience. Her books are written so that even a novice can follow the instructions and create the same beautiful crafts and meals, so working my way through one of her books would only add inches to my waistline or decorate my home nicely. Martha reviews books, but does not set herself up as Goddess of Book Clubs.

I do allow myself to be influenced by things I see on television talk shows. Because of Oprah, I own several of the "You..." books by Dr. Mehmet Oz and enjoy watching his show. Because of Oprah's feature of the creator of the Chipotle Grill, I visited there for the first time yesterday entirely as a result of hearing of their use of fresh foods and organics. It was delicious! I sometimes watch "The Doctor's", produced by Dr. Phil's son, Jay McGraw and learned that the best thing to do with an open wound is NOT to wash with soap and water, but to rinse with eye drops! They are sterile and have something in them that takes away the sting (hey, I'm not a doctor! If you want official medical names, look it up yourself!) And you do not cover an open wound with salves or ointments; they need to heal from the inside, out. I might add that this advice is particulary important should you suffer an accidental dog bite. Rinse the wound with eye drops, do not cover, ice and elevate for 12-24 hours. I have had success with this method of treatment, and avoided infection.

And just this afternoon I picked up the cookbook recommended on Martha Stewart today, David Chang's book, "Momofuko". You may even find me whipping up ramen noodles and fish cakes in the future!

But follow someone else's life and suggestions for a year? I don't think I could. Clearly, subscribing to Oprah's suggestion that I really must own a pair of leopard print flats will simply not work with the usual 6 pocket fatigues I wear, laden alternately with tug toys and dog treats! I refuse to vote on something so important as a Presidential election based on what a television celebrity says, no matter how wealthy they are.

Yes, I am a wee bit jealous of those who can adopt this chameleon lifestyle and turn it into a money making proposition. I just don't think I could do it and for the life of me, I can't think of anyone other than myself than I want to be this year. I guesss we're all stuck with that.