Thursday, January 21, 2010

Vet Clinic Peave

I dropped off a dog today for Xrays and was reminded of my Vet Clinic Peave. As I walked out, a Stupid Woman was approaching on the walk with what looked to be a terrier puppy who was barking at everyone, hackles raised. And the dolt was praising him as she dragged him along! Good dog? Are you kidding me??

Oh, but that isn't where it ends. The pup tries to drag her to a chocolate lab puppy that is now hiding behind his owner's legs and the moron says "can you say hi to the puppy?" Fortunately the lab was smarter than that and made itself inaccessible, and the Stupid Woman dragged her puppy into the clinic. I commented to the lab's owner how stupid that was and she shook her head, but was clearly not blessed with the lack of verbal filter that I have or Stupid Woman would have been leaving with a boatload of new advice.

C'mon, People!! This is a VET CLINIC!! It is not a dog park!! Do you imagine that the dogs are there because they are all healthy? You could be exposing your puppy to illness and disease. Many diseases are spread through nose to nose contact. Heck, I avoid taking healthy dogs there at all, as much as I can! Would you take your child into the doctor's office and bring them up to everyone waiting there to make physical contact? Of course not! Not to mention that fact that every dog does not welcome the attention of strange dogs. Just because you have a flexi-lead does not give you permission to allow your dog to wander at will around the waiting room.

I only hope the terrier was escorting Stupid Woman in for her spay!!!