Monday, March 30, 2009

Hooray for Spring!

Time to celebrate the positive! Despite a late snowfall this past week, I think we are now on our way to spring. Hundreds of geese have been flying over and landing in the fields in front of the house. The finches are returning to the feeders, and I am finally able to train my dogs outside without wearing hip boots! Enough of dark thoughts, and wasting time worrying about why other people are irresponsible or just plain ignorant~ seize the day! Run, play and yell at the sky with joy!
Along the length of our North border runs the Black Creek, for which our town and township are named. For much of the year, I find it quite scarey looking. The leaching leaves render it a very dark and ominous color and when I can't see the bottom of a river, it worries me. A short distance to the south of the creek (or "crick" if you were born here) we have a pond. Actually, a wildlife scrape, which evaporates to a shallow mud hole by August, home to cattails and frogs. However, in the spring it is indeed a pond, with glorious clear, blue waters that call out for dogs to run through them. The waters of the creek push past the banks and leave a flooded expanse that becomes home to the ducks and geese. Although I can't follow the deer trails as I do in winter, evidence of their travels is stamped in the mud. For now, the color is that of dead grass but soon it will alive with green. I am so happy to see Spring!