Friday, May 23, 2008

roan and plated pups

The puppies did get their nails trimmed after this photo, so forgive the long nails.  At this age, I can just prop them in my lap and trim using a human toenail clipper. I'm sure that soon enough I will long for these days! The wigglier ones Tom holds while I trim.  The puppy who complained the most was the almost all-white male puppy.

In these photos, you can see the differences in the changing colors of the plated and roan puppies.  Here is a plated puppy and his pink, pink pads:

and here is a roan puppy: 

A closer view of the pink feet:


and closer view of the roan feet:

Before these guys were born, we had only had plated puppies and I wondered how and how soon the differences would develop.  Now I know and have photographic evidence should anyone ask what to look for in the future!



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