Saturday, June 30, 2007

Environmental Challenges

In the puppy paddock we have our Urban Search and Rescue Challenge course.  Or it could be just good plain puppy fun!  The paddock is 50 x 50 and has a variety of surfaces and things for the pups to crawl under, over and through. Some tall grass was left and we have paths mowed so that the pups can ambush each other and be confident in a variety of cover.  Their "collapsed structure" is a playhouse that has been taken apart and the parts are in a pile. There is also a wood and concrete mini-rubble pile.  There is a storage shed containing dog crates, and the pups can go inside and nap and then run outside to potty, which is a good lesson to learn.  They prefer to move away from where they are playing and eating to potty, which is a good habit and will help with housebreaking.