Saturday, June 30, 2007


Diablo's markings remind me of the family pattern that Aryan, Jeiko and Confetti showed.  More brown.  Diablo has been the most independent and strong willed of the crew.  He gets lessons in simple submission, and learning that there was some things throwing a fit just don't change.  In the submission lessons, the pup is gently placed on their back in your arms.  This is NOT the old alpha roll technique, which, if you ever thought to use it, is NOT recommended and even the authors, the Monks of New Skete, have rescinded this advice in their latest edition.  One hand is place on the pup's chest to gently restrain it and the pup learns that it is only released (with a verbal marker of "yes") when it is calm and not fighting. 

If you take a photo and someone is missing, it is likely to be Diablo, exploring on his own.  He recalls as quickly and happily as the rest and enjoys attention from people, but likes to control it.  If another pup wants to get petted and Diablo is there, he will try make the other pup go away.