Friday, January 20, 2012

winter walk with the dogs

What does a Wisconsin dog owner do when the snow falls?  takes the dogs out for a walk, of course! I hope in the near future to regale you with tales of my dog-sledding adventure but since I have yet to order harnesses, that will have to wait.  Today I was on foot.

Marco had to run by himself.  I'm concerned that he would plow into Roya and injure her.  He is not malicious, but he simply gets the big body going and it doesn't stop.  And, it is better for him to spend time with me alone and being rewarded by me for attention.

 Fresh snow is something that brings out the joy and wonder in a dog.  They run, and scoop the snow up with their nose.  You can't help but laugh!

I took some photos of weeds in the snow and played with them in the photo program.  I saw a program on television the other day about a woman who started taking nature photos and turned it into a fabric and design company.  I tried to envision some of these photos as fabric.  I may find a company and check it out, if only for my own purposes.  I think they turned out pretty cool! The one on the left reminds me of an Asian silk.

 Cooper and Roya were able to run together.  Since she is his momma, he has more respect for her and doesn't body-slam her like Marco does.  This was Roya's first walk to the mailbox since her surgery.  Dark brindle dogs in white snow are not an ideal situation without flash but I did snap a couple pictures.  On left is Cooper, pretending to be a pointer.
And this is little Miss Mischief,  Roya, in her one-sy. Poor girl, you can see the pink stitches in her muzzle and the IV shave on her leg, but she was happy to be back outside with me, checking on the chickens (3 large eggs today!) and getting the mail.

Stay warm, everyone!