Friday, December 31, 2010

Ghost Doggies

Jinx visited me on December 30, 2010. I had expected her to come much sooner. But there she was, in my dreams.  I was at a seminar with Greg Doud and when I brought out a dog, it was Jinx. She was a younger version, healthy and without illness or injury, and very happy.  I couldn't believe it was her, and I asked Greg who he thought she was.  He said he couldn't be sure, that he would have to run some tests.  I couldn't believe that Jinx was back! There wasn't any more to it than that, and seeing that she was restored, which made me happy.
I don't know what prompted the visit.  Did she and Digit have work to do, to conspire to bring me Marco and finally know that all was well? Or are those just the signs that I wish to see? Eros and Sofie both visited me after their passing and I had wondered why Jinx had not, since we had been so close. But there she was and it was a peaceful and happy moment to know that she is well and running with the grace of her youth.  Crazy? Maybe. But it is a good kind of crazy, and I'm quite sure I have company.