Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another great track for Pre

My friend, Sue, layed a track for her SchH3 dog across a short grass field.  An hour or so later, she returned to run the track.  When that was finished, I ask another handler-- a man who has never layed a track for Pre-- to put down a track over the top of Sue's.  The track had two long legs that crossed her track 3 times on each leg.  On the first leg there were three articles, and on the second leg, four.  From the 3rd article of the second leg, the track continued across an asphalt walking/biking path and ended with a tracking favorite that doubles as an article, a tin of sardines!

I tracked Pre using only a chain collar. His speed now is consistent without being a speed-race. I used very small articles and saw that he does need to see very small articles in the future, as he was slightly crooked on two after registering their presence belatedly.   He will be seeing those again.  Still, the cause for celebration was that he did not give so much as a head check at the multiple cross tracks that bisected ours.  And, from the re-start at the third article, I let the line drag behind him and watched as he methodically worked the track, continued across the path and downed at the sardine tin. Success!