Saturday, November 28, 2009

Annual Boys Trip

Tom is busy packing for the annual boys' bird hunting trip to South Dakota. There is a small group of friends who make the trek annually to hunt pheasants. One of them will make a trip to the cheese factory and stock up on good old Wisconsin cheese curds to plie the locals with. The original introduction to the area came through a friend I worked with at the police department, whose family still lives in the area. Generally Tom will come back home with new stories to tell about Ray in his youth, shared over a cup of coffee at the local diner. The boys stay at Miss Ruby's boarding house.

His brother, Jerry, is part of the group, as is our good friend, Jerry and another friend from the D.A.'s office who owns one of our Small Munsterlander pups. This year I imagine Jerry will bring his labrador and Tom will probably bring two munsters, and Rob will bring his youngster, Eddie. I am looking forward to seeing photos and hearing how they do, particulary young Eddie who sounds to have had quite a good season so far. Our two, Easy and Arec, both love to hunt and are easy dogs to work. We boarded Arec's sister, Atienne, who is known only as "Booger" and she looks so much Arec and their mother, Aryan. She is a beautiful dog,and also quite a good hunting dog. She went home today and her owners admired how handsome Arec is. He is a sweetie, too. I really like him. I may be one of the few wives who encourages her husband to GO! HUNT!!!

I'll be holding down the fort here in Tom's absence. This will be my first week of being functional, post-surgery. Tom was worried about me and asked repeatedly if he should go on the trip. This is really the only recreational trip Tom takes and it would take more than a mere shoulder surgery to cause me to tell him to stay home! I just hope the weather is relatively nice so that I don't spend my week slogging wet dogs around! I'll look forward to hearing all about the hunting, the practical jokes and tall tales when they get home and until then, pray for safe travels and a safe trip that brings them all back home.