Thursday, July 2, 2009

Looking for Sploosh

Did you ever watch the movie "Holes"? If you didn't, I suggest you rent it immediately! It is a wonderful movie that is both entertaining and has a life lesson to it. I've been thinking about it alot lately. Mostly because I have been digging alot of holes.

It does make me yearn for some youthful offenders whom I could hand shovels and set them to work on doing it for me. Oh yes, and without the fear of being bashed in the head myself! You might ask why I have been so engaged and would be right to inquire. I went a little overboard on the purchase of fruit trees, bushes and plants for my garden. I feel abit like a botanical Noah, buying most of them in pairs. Some require this for cross-pollinations; others I thought would just appreciate the company of another of their kind! Needless to say, I have acquired apple, plum, cherry, chokecherry, currant, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry... and grapes! I think that's all. Of course, one more trip to the garden center and I'm likely to find something I lack.
I hope it is my common sense!

My gardens will look lovely when completed, I know. I will have an orchard and fruit area on the east side, and ten raised garden beds on the west. The birds are enjoying the bush I planted for them to perch on during their visits to the feeders, as well.

I only wish that in one of my holes, I would discover Sploosh. But all I find is more clay and rock.
Give me Sploosh!