Sunday, May 31, 2009


I was driving home yesterday when I was reduced to tears by a voice message. Hero vom Haus Kuhn had passed away at age 11, in the company of his best friend and in the sunshine of his own back yard. He had bloated again and was in pain and this time his owner let him go. The animal communicator advised Hero was ready to leave this earth during a previous bloat and pneumonia incident, but Shari needed just a little more time. This was that time.

Hero-- pronounced Harro-- was a tall, deep chested German Shepherd. He was part of my payment for the sale of his grandsire, Lex von Larchenhain, but the dear lad just did not have schutzhund in his heart. Yes, he would grip the sleeve, but not with the fire and fight of a dog who needs the sport for his very survival. My dear friend, Shari, welcomed him into her life and became his best friend and partner to the end. Years before when she was still training with Fox Valley Police & Schutzhund Club, Harro would ride along and would always have to say hi to "his Debbie" and then he would be content to lounge. Shari and I reminisced about the time I put on a sleeve and Harro looked so shocked to think he should bite me!! What? I can't bite Debbie!

Harro adored puppies. I can still picture him with my A litter of Dutch Shepherds, laying next to the fence and touching them gently when they were still so small I worried he might be too exhuberant and hurt them. I needn't have worried. For his great size, he matched his play to their abilities and was happiest when he was being mauled by puppies.

Some dogs remain in our hearts forever,despite moving on to new homes. Shari was so gracious as to allow me to continue to be a part of Harro's life to the end. Through her, he found himself. Sleep well, sweet boy.