Thursday, April 16, 2009

Me and My Shadow

I've fallen behind in my posts, but with good reason; I have this puppy who demands all of my time and attention! Since there are only so many hours in the day, and I still have to divide my time between my other dogs who feel they are equally entitled, things get a little hectic.
Quinn tolerates Izzy and has only given her a gentle warning when her leaps on his head got a little out of hand. Mostly because he was attempting to poop, and imagining you can concentrate while having a dutch shepherd dance on your head is asking too much! Jinx hates Izzy, as she does all puppies until they are old enough to play tug of war and roughhouse with her. Then, I guess, they enter into the realm of acceptable creatures. It is much like my feelings toward babies, who poop and scream and drool on themselves in a most unpalatable way. Once they can talk and entertain, they become pretty cool little animals. So I can't fault Jinx for echoing my sentiments toward my own species. Still, I wish she was a little more Roya-ish in that regard. Cooper, on the other hand, is over joyed to have a mini-me who adores him.
Izzy sidles up to his kennel and does the puppy grovel, hoping for a shred of acknowledgement. When outside, she follows him everywhere, ducking when he comes flying back to me and launches himself over her. His favorite thing, however, is introducing her to the joys of water. Cooper has not yet met a body of water he does not like. Pond, creek or ditch, they were all meant to run through! These are the great adventures of youth and Izzy is the younger sister who is allowed to ride in the car; she doesn't know where she is going, but thrills to the fact that her brother let her tag along!