Sunday, June 1, 2008

Entering Week 3


The pups turned 3 weeks old on Saturday. Happy Birthday to them!  They now enter the "Awareness or Identification Period (21-28 days).  According to Kathryn Lanam in "the Behavioral Development of Puppies", sight and hearing are functioning well.  A variety of noises and sights should be part of their daily life.  The exposure to sudden loud noises must happen during the 3rd week when fear has not yet developed.  The startle response should be encouraged so that the pup will startle and then return to normal on its own-- something it must be able to do throughout its life.  Puppies must now learn that they are dogs; recognizing their mother, recognizing other species-- specifically humans that are part of their social relations-- and have experiences that mean survival of the species.

The pups spent the afternoon outside, exploring grass under their paws and sleeping under overturned crate-halves that served as tiny shelters.


Check out the puppy who discovered the door wasn't yet closed and thought he would strike out on his own!


The pups celebrated their new week of life by enjoying their first non-momma meal!  It was a mixture of goat milk, esbilac, honey and raw meat. 


Check out the puppy who wants to control ALL the food!

Yup.  Same one.