Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ali update

You might be interested to know that things have been improving with Ali.  He receives biocom treatments every two weeks and is now sprouting little fuzzy hairs where there were none.  The treatments must feel good to him, as well, as when we arrive at the veterinary office, he trots right down the hallway and makes the correct turns into the treatment room, without assistance from me.  He prefers to hold his ball in his mouth during treatment, teasing me with it and trying to entice me to tug, which I do.  He no longer has the moist spots under his armpits and belly and the sparkle is back in his eye.  I can't wait for warm weather to appear so he can get out and stretch his legs again. 

This evening we watched a special on TV about treatment of children for bi-polar and ADHD, and their overmedication.  As the segments showed one family, and how the dosage was repeatedly raised, it also gave us a view of the child's diet...corn dogs and Gatorade!  Why is it that we pay more attention to the diet of our DOGS than we do our children?