Saturday, September 1, 2007

We have EARS!!

Ears! We have ears!  This morning when I went to the Puppy Suite to take them out to greet the day, I was met by the sight of ears up on Cooper and half-mast on some others.  Within a few days I expect all the ears will be up, and then you will be able to get a sense of their little faces.  The erect ears really give a sense of personality to the pupsters.  Cooper doesn't need to feel stronger but I wonder if his new set of stand-up ears is giving him a big head, as he was a horrible bully this evening.  The Pupsters are enjoying chasing the chamois and tugging, and we played at some baby leg bites by creating a bite bar with the soft, fuzzy frisbee and holding in against my calf.  I desperately need some other surface between my flesh and those sharp puppy teeth now, and sitting on the ground with the vampire pack is no longer a cuddle fest.  Ouch! Ouch! I flinch away from the one attacking me from behind, which only incites the one of my side, and I have to jump to my feet!  Oh, what a joyful time!